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Note: Zoom will discontinue support for Zoom Rooms for Chrome OS on December 31, 2020. To ensure your Zoom Rooms remain productive, all existing Zoom Rooms running on Chrome OS should transition over to an alternative Zoom Rooms supported OS (Windows, Mac, or Zoom Rooms Appliance) by December 2020. Learn more.


Zoom Rooms on Chrome OS has limited features. See the tables below to learn about the features available on Zoom Rooms for Chrome OS.

Note: The Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display is available for the Zoom Rooms software for the iPad and Android controller. Zoom Rooms for Windows or Chome OS does not support Scheduling Display.

This article covers:

Integrated Controller Comparison

The following table compares the integrated controller for Zoom Room for Touch on Chrome OS versus Windows. To use Zoom Rooms for Touch on Chrome OS, you need a Chromebase with a touch screen.

For a comparison of the Zoom Rooms controller on iPad, Android, and Windows, see Zoom Rooms Controller Features.

Feature Windows Chrome OS
Start or Join Meeting
Start an instant meeting  ✓ 
Display contacts list (with presence indicator) and select attendees in contacts list to start an instant meeting with  
Call H.323/SIP device and display dial pad during call  
Join a meeting or webinar using the Meeting ID
Display upcoming meetings ✓ 
Share Screen
Share screen using browser or Zoom desktop client ✓ 
Share screen using Zoom mobile app ✓ 
Start a meeting during screen share session ✓ 
Share via Airplay  
Annotate on a shared screen  
Start a whiteboard session  
Start a meeting during whiteboard session  
View whiteboard and participants video in dual-screen setup  ✓
Call a phone number using a dial pad
Call a phone number in contacts list  
Switch from a phone call to a Zoom meeting
In-Meeting Controls
Mute/Unmute microphones in the room
Show/Hide local video
Change video layout (Thumbnail, Gallery, or Active Speaker)
Control the speaker volume
Record the meeting to the cloud
In-Meeting Participant Controls
Make another participant the host or co-host  
Remove a participant from the meeting
Allow participants to record the meeting  
Pin a participant’s video
Note: On Chrome OS, pin video is not available on participants list.
Mute participants on entry  
Ask a participant to start their video  
Stop a participant’s video  
Claim or reclaim host control of the meeting  
Assign participant to type closed caption  
Mute or unmute all participants
Lock meeting
Show or hide non-video participants
Show or hide self view
Place, admit, or remove participants in waiting room
Lock settings (require passcode to change settings)
Select microphone, speaker, or camera
Test microphone or speaker
Change microphone or speaker volume
Enable Software Audio Processing  
Reduce excessive sound reverberation  
Detect and set up dual monitors ✓ 


Web Settings Comparison

The following table shows the web settings that work with a Chrome OS Zoom Rooms display or integrated controller.

Note: All of these settings will appear in the Zoom web portal regardless of whether they are supported by Chrome OS.

Setting Chrome OS
Room Settings
Room avatar and name
Integrate calendar service 
Display support email or phone for reporting issues
Require passcode to exit Zoom Rooms application
Set device operation time to turn off / dim TV during specified times  
Room meeting ID or personal link
Host key
Default call-in country  
Background image for display
Meeting Settings
Upcoming meeting alert
Start AirPlay service manually  
Display meeting list on TV
Display end-of-meeting experience feedback survey  
Automatically accept incoming call and far end camera control  
Weekly system restart  ✓
Hide self view
Lock speaker volume control on controller  
Start HDMI content share manually on controller
Automatic direct sharing using ultrasonic proximity signal  
Voice Commands  
Transform all meetings to private
Hide host and meeting ID from private meetings
Automatic start/stop scheduled meetings  
Hide share instruction from TV  
Audio Device Daily Auto Testing  
Show non-video participants
Show call history in Zoom Rooms  

Show contact list on controller
Note: Contact list is only available when inviting participants during a meeting.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage Status
Content list

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