Fanvil X6 Auto-Provisioning Guide

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This guide is ONLY for Fanvil X6 Auto-Provisioning.  

The successful deployment of auto-provisioning allows users to enable the service of VoIP devices instantly by several simple clicks without tons of hand-on operations.   

This article covers:


  • Fanvil X6 device


If your Fanvil X6 is a brand new (out-of-box) phone, skip the factory reset and proceed to Fanvil X6 Auto-Provisioning Setup.

If your Fanvil X6 is a used phone or you are not sure, you will first need to reset the existing configuration to factory default via the phone GUI as follows:

Reset Device to Factory Default - Fanvil X6

  1. On your phone, press Menu, then Advanced to access the advanced menu.  
    Note:  You will be prompted to enter the password to enter the interface.  The default Password is 123.
  2. Select Factory Reset from the Advanced menu and press OK.   
  3. From the Reset to Default menu, select Clear All and confirm it is Enabled by pressing the right arrow navigation key.

  4. Press OK to complete factory reset.
  5. Proceed to the next section.

Fanvil X6 Auto-Provisioning Setup

  1. On your phone, press Menu then Status and make note of the IPv4 address.

  2. Open your web browser and enter the <IPv4 address> from Step 1 to access the configuration page.
  3. Log in using the factory default Username and Password as shown below.
  • User: admin
  • Password: admin

  • Navigate to the System menu on the left panel and select the Auto Provision tab.

  • Under DHCP Option, set the Option Value to Disabled.

  • Under DHCPv6 Option, set the Option Value to Disabled.

  • Under SIP Plug and Play (PnP), uncheck Enable SIP PnP to disable this option. 

  • Under Static Provisioning Server, complete the following:
  • Click Apply.
  • Select the Reboot Phone tab and click Reboot.
  • After the phone has rebooted, confirm auto-provisioning was successful by checking if the status light on the phone has turned green. 

    Note:  You can also check on the web interface under System > Information and verify if the related SIP Account displays as Registered.

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