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There are different video layouts that can be utilized when using ZoomRooms. For more details of these video display layouts please see below. You can also customize your display layout. 

Single screen:

There are three different types of layouts for single screen.

  1. Remote active speaker.
  2. Content shared and video thumbnail of active speaker.
  3. Gallery view to view all participants including yourself.

Dual Screen with video only:

  • Primary monitor shows active speaker.
    Secondary monitor will show your local video. 
  • Primary monitor shows gallery view of attendees and you. 
    Secondary monitor shows active speaker.

Dual Screen with content shared:

  • Primary monitor will show local video, active speaker or gallery view. 
    The secondary monitor will always show content shared.

Hide non-video participants:

We hide the following participant's video panel automatically:

  1. Users with no video or video disabled.
  2. Users dialing into meeting by telephone.
  3. When users are sharing via share.zoom.us

When in gallery view we will show a popup notification in the top right corner of the primary monitor identifying the user using caller ID. (i.e. 123-123-1234 is talking..) 

When in active speaker view, we will display a phone icon for phone dial-in attendee.

Hide my local video:

You can hide your local video by: 

  • Go to settings on the Zoom Rooms iPad controller
  • Enter passcode
  • Enable 'Hide my local video' option


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