K-12 School Time Limit Removal Request FAQ

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This article is to help those interested in Zoom’s program to lift the 40-minute time limit. This is done by request and is for K-12 schools in select countries that have been closed due to the Coronavirus. Please see our blog post for the latest information on this program and what countries are eligible.

Below you will find FAQs regarding eligibility and requesting the limits to be lifted. 

Who is eligible?

K-12 (or the non-US equivalent) schools that have been impacted by school closures due to the COVID-19. For the latest list of eligible countries, please see our Online Learning blog post.

Who needs to submit a request to have the limits lifted?

A school email address must be used when requesting. Requests from personal email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook are not eligible.

Only one request is necessary per domain. For example, if your email is admin@k12school.org, once it’s approved the limit will be lifted for anyone who has a free (basic) Zoom account using a k12school.org email address.

How will I know if the limit has been lifted?

Log in to your settings page from any browser and if the limits have been lifted you’ll see a banner similar to the one below.

How long will it take to get approved?

It can take up to 72 hours to be approved.

Where can I stay up to date on any changes to this program?

You can follow our Online Learning blog post for changes to the program.

Is there any way to use Clever and Zoom together?

Yes, please see these details from Clever and contact the Clever team.

I’m not a K-12 school but would like the time limit lifted for my organization, is that possible?

At this time, we are only lifting the 40-minute time limit for K-12 schools in select countries. We recommend you still leverage Zoom’s existing basic (free) license, which still has many features including screen sharing, whiteboards, breakout rooms, and more. You can have meetings with up to 100 people. Once you hit the 40-minute time limit for meetings with 3 or more participants (including the host), you can immediately start another meeting. 

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