Requesting a number port (APAC)

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A number port allows you to move a pre-existing number from another carrier to be used on your Zoom Phone account.


  • Local number portability is supported in APAC.
  • Toll-free numbers are only portable in Australia and New Zealand
  • We can't port international mobile numbers in Australia and APAC countries.
  • If you have issues during the porting process, see our list of common porting issues and questions.

This article covers:


  • Account owner or admin privileges
  • Zoom Phone license
  • Most recent telephone bill/invoice

Requesting a number port

  1. Download and complete the required Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the respective country.
    • See the porting guidelines if you need help.
    • If you currently have POC (proof of concept) or trial numbers and would like to swap them when the port completes, please complete the Number Swap Sheet. Numbers swapped in will be a like for like replacement of the numbers swapped out.
  2. Send an email to Make sure to include the following:
  3. Zoom will review and confirm receipt of the request.
  4. Zoom will send a request to your losing provider to validate the information on the LOA as the transfer request is dependent on your losing provider. If accepted, Zoom and the losing provider will work together to schedule the number port. Once approved, the numbers will be available for you to manage in the Zoom web portal.


  • The information you provide must match exactly what’s on record with your current provider.
  • In most APAC countries, the address noted on the LOA must match the geographic area code of the porting telephone numbers.
  • All porting numbers need to be noted on the body of the LOA rather than as attachments unless otherwise permitted.
  • DDI blocks of numbers may require porting in full as some countries do not allow blocks/ranges of numbers to be split. Refer to the common porting questions for more information.
  • Number portability checks can only be carried out once the order is submitted. There may be times where losing providers advise that numbers as non-portable.
  • You may experience some loss of service to incoming calls during the port activation window whilst the porting numbers are being transferred away from the losing provider.
  • Porting usually takes an average of 30 business days from the day of submission. See time frames for more information. 


Use this table to download the LOA form and copy the required email subject when requesting a number port. Check the porting guidelines for the country of port for other required documentation.

Country LOA and guidelines Email subject
Australia and New Zealand PAF/LOA

See additional requirements
AU/NZ number port 
Singapore LOA
LOA guidelines

See additional requirements
SG number port 


Additional requirements


  • Signed and stamped LOA needs to be correctly filled (matching donor’s records) and dated within the last 30 days including the date you submit the porting request.
  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate as filled in the LOA.
  • A Unique Entity Number (UEN) is a 9 or 10 digit identification number that is issued by the government in Singapore to all entities that operate within the country.



  • Local numbers (+656xx) are portable as per a general rule. However, national numbers (+653XX) are not portable. 
  • Partial porting (not porting all your numbers) may be supported but this is dependent on agreement between the losing provider and yourself, which needs to be arranged before the porting is requested. Because of the local regulations and the way numbers are allocated, partial porting is rarely supported.
  • An accurate date and time need to be provided upfront. Date changes are not recommended but can be achieved with maximum notification (at least 7 working days). Change requests should be kept to a minimum due to complications caused with the port. Any change requests (date changes or cancellations) require at least 5 working day notice.
  • Changing the Emergency Service Address is possible. The standard SLA is 5–10 working days after request is submitted to the supplier. This request can only be placed after site is moved to the new location.

Time frame

Time frames for all APAC ports are dependent on the regulatory requirements in the country of port and the responsiveness of the suppliers in the chain. The process is also dependent on the accuracy of the information provided. We will always keep you advised of progress.

Note: On the day of transfer, you may experience some loss of service to incoming calls during the port activation window while the numbers are being ported from the losing supplier. Porting can take place sooner or later than the lead times quoted.


  • Porting time frame may take up to 30 business days (ports less than 100 numbers).
  • Porting activation is executed in the time window Monday to Friday 2–4pm SGT (porting window is 0–2.5 hours but can be extended depending on losing carrier).

Australia and New Zealand

  • Porting time frame may take up to 90 days (dependent on losing carrier).
  • Number porting will take place during Australia business hours. Once it begins, there will be 30 minutes to 2 hours of possible downtime.
  • Numbers can be ported in blocks or split up. If your current provider informs us that numbers are in blocks and need to port as such, but you do not want to keep them or add additional licenses for them, let us know which numbers you’d like to keep. The remaining numbers will be given back to the provider and will no longer be available to you.

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