Getting started with Zoom Device Management (ZDM)

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Zoom Device Management(ZDM) is Zoom Rooms(ZR) device management tool, which offers additional remote functionality on ZR devices from the same Zoom web portal. ZDM allows you to manage your Zoom Rooms and devices without having to physically engage with each room’s devices or be an expert in device management.

With Apple and Windows devices, there is a standard MDM enrollment process. With ZR Appliances, there’s no pre-enrollment or enrollment process necessary. These devices are ZDM supported out-of-box. ZDM for Apple and Windows is based on MDM technology. Unlike traditional MDM tools, there’s no need to configure groups, policies or profiles with ZDM.

ZDM is simple to use, offers additional Zoom Rooms remote capabilities, and allows for centralized room and device management from the Zoom web portal. Once enrolled if necessary, Zoom Rooms app will automatically download and launch. You can then upgrade your devices when you want directly from the Zoom web portal. ZDM supports ZR app upgrades as well as device firmware upgrades. You can choose which patches you want installed for Windows. Set your iPads into autonomous single app mode(ASAM). You can even assign your devices to their specific Zoom Room before they ship, so once they’re installed they’re already signed in and ready to meet. Review the articles below for getting started and a full list of features.

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