Polycom end-of-sale models limitations

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End-of-sale Polycom models that were manufactured before certain dates are not supported by Zoom Phone. They do not contain the factory-installed certificate, causing the device to fail the certificate authentication that leads to registration failure. Learn more on the Polycom website.

Note: Zoom only works with Polycom devices that are running at least version 4.0.0 of the UCS firmware. In previous versions (Polycom SIP software 3.x or earlier), upgrading from the phone's web interface, registration, and provisioning will not work with Zoom. This restriction does not apply to OBi ATAs.

This article covers:

Polycom end-of-sale models limitations

Model Console part number Revision(s) Manufacture Date
SoundPoint IP 335 2201-12375-001 D October 2009

SoundPoint IP 450

2201-12450-001 J July 2009
2201-12450-002 C July 2009
2201-12450-207 C July 2009
2201-12451-001 F July 2009

 SoundPoint IP 550

2201-12550-001 L December 2009
2201-12550-002 G December 2009
2201-12551-001 K December 2009
2201-12552-001 J December 2009

SoundPoint IP 650

2201-12630-001 K July 2009
2201-12630-107 E July 2009
2201-12651-001 F July 2009
2201-12652-001 F July 2009
2201-12660-001 E July 2009
SoundStation IP 6000 (see note) 2201-15600-001 M January 2010
SoundStation IP 5000 2201-30900-001 B March 2010
VVX 500 2201-44500-001 B December 2011

Note for SoundStation IP 6000: If your device is not an end-of-sale model and you can't provision it, see the assisted provisioning guide.

Checking the manufacture date

If you are using one of the models above, look on the back or base of your Polycom device for the following label. The device is not supported by Zoom Phone if:

  • the revision letter is less than the letter stated in the table; or
  • the manufacture date is before the date stated in the table

(This is sample label. Your device's label will look different.)

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