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Question: What is the ideal height for mounting the display in a conference room?

Answer: We recommend mounting the display so that the bottom of the display is at 48' from the floor.

Question: What size display should I choose?

Answer: This can be very subjective based on the use case.  Face to face video may require a smaller display, where content share of spreadsheets may require a larger display.  The general rule is to take the diagonal display size and multiply by three.  This gives you the distance from the display to the eyes of the furthest seated participant.


Additional Recommended Display Size Information:

Display Size (Diagonal) Furthest Seated Viewer (Minimum) Furthest Seated Viewer (Maximum)
32' 5' 8'
42' 8' 10' 6'
55' 10' 13' 9'
65' 14' 16' 3'
80' 16' 20'
90' 20' 25'


Question:  What is the ideal height for mounting a camera in a conference room?

Answer: There are two aspects: 

  1. Get the camera as close in height to eyes of the physical participants in the room.
  2. Get the lens as close to the eyes of the video participants on the display to replicate eye contact between parties.

For the best far end video experience, mount the camera below the display at about the natural eye level of the sitting participants in the room.



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